Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good morning...
I just happened across my blog...I had such good intentions of keeping up with it as a way of journaling...didn't do so well did I?

It's a beautiful wednesday morning...I have had a much needed restful weekend...I think I am in a burn out phase of swa....I hope it passes soon...I like my job and it pays me very well..I think that always having to be "on" for hundreds of people a week is taxing..

A lot has happened in our family...ALL good things..we have 2 more babies...Avery has a little brother and Ashley has a little boy...I have said this before and I'll say it again...BEING A GRANDMA IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! Welcome Liam and Avery pointed out to me this last have 3 boys now and 4 girls....she hasn't grasped the idea that I am not everyones( my kids/their kids) mom...I'm okay with that!! lol...I am so blessed to have the best children who have filled my heart with so much love....who could have imagined?!!!

Tia has moved to California...she is doing so much better than I had imagined...I wasn't very fond of the idea but she is making it work...we are close again..she is communicating and smiling...she has her first job and now knows how much fun"being an adult" is....she has an interview at a local college thursday so lets cross our fingers that her momentum keeps building....she is doing this on her own...I am proud..

This is a very short post and I can't even begin to put all the good stuff in..Tyler is doing well..he is working as an ATC guy in Salt Lake..he is dating a cute girl and he does need to call his mom more!!

Britt and Nick are living in Park City...Avery and Liam are growing much too rapidly... they have a beautiful home and it is fun hanging out with them..

Ashley and Jon just moved to Bountiful in Jons parents is a lovely place and Oliver is loving his new space...he is growing like a weed!! Jon is at the UofU and doing well!!

As for me...well...I'm alive and kicking...trying my hand at a business and enjoying my family....I'll try to do better at this and post more often so that I don't have to update a few years in a few paragraphs...

Have a great day...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I am a terrible know that this is mostly for try and journal events and's todays thoughts and concerns..

I am angry..trying to get over it..but, it's much better than where I was last friday through monday..I was super sad and the tears were flowing non stop.. but today..I feel like I have OCD because one thought will not get out of my head..maybe by putting it on paper per say..will release it..SHE EMBARASSES ME...this coming from someone who I thought should understand my troubled teen..this from someone who raised me and then got a degree in child phsycology...seriously?? I have been upset and sad that Tia doesn't get a normal Christmas..yet again..and she also doesn't get to laugh and joke around with family members...this makes me sad..this is a holiday about family, I asked her why she has never gone to see Tia..she said.."what if someone recognizes me? I don't want them to know she's family....really? and so as I write this I sort of realize that has been part of MY journey...judging and fear of being judged...I think I am getting better at trying to not judge never know unless you have walked in their don't know what's behind those sad eyes...but being judged is a tough I think I know where it came's a vicious cycle...did I pass it to my children? Did they ever feel judged by me? I know Tia thinks I do...But I love each one of my kids...I am so blessed to have each one..each one who has a different personality trait..each one ..unconditionally..

Mental's all over the news right now...when you pass that beggar on the street..who looks healthy and is holding a sign know we all do it..shake our heads..mumble "get a job" ..well..we are not there a mental illness involved? can you see it? are you aware of how much medication costs for mental illness? So when you say they are just gonna buy more liquor..yes, probably..then again..maybe it quiets the voices in that persons head..not that I condone that (buying liquor)..just saying that we all judge that and mental illness is very well can't see it...where is the solution? Mental illness is expensive and insurance doesn't cover 90% of it...and even if it does..the co pays for dr visits..sometimes 2-3 a week..the meds.. easily over $500 a month..does minimum wage cover those type of costs? I have rambled enough....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012's been's summer and things change just as quickly as the seasons do...I am blogging to keep a journal of events I guess...isn't it sad when sad things happen I tend to come to this spot....shouldnt it be the other way around?? Well..

Tia has been on the run for a month now...she hasn't contacted me at all..I feel so hurt by this...I don't understand why she has she shut me out...most of the the time this angers me..but the more time that goes by I am overcome by sheer hope for her fades each day and I just want to go to bed and sleep til its all heart hurts and I don't sleep well anymore...I get up every few hours to see if theres a missed call on my phone that I might have missed from a blocked number( her)..I want to hear her voice and just make sure she remembers how much I love her...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy bee

It's been awhile but all good things are happening!!! I have been able to get together with good friends and have gone to a concert( kid rock)..and shopped for Christmas!! Fun stuff!! As the holiday gets closer I feel so unprepared...yikes..I think it's natural..right?? I could be completely done shopping for everyone and still feel like I am not ready!! Oh well....hope all is well in your neck of the woods!!

Hey everyone...I need your help....I am a Mary Kay consultant now and I need to have some pampering parties!! I am in a contest and I really want to do you can help me out ..that would be awesome for both of us!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Is this not the cutest kid?? This is us going to Lion King 3D...