Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Good morning...
I just happened across my blog...I had such good intentions of keeping up with it as a way of journaling...didn't do so well did I?

It's a beautiful wednesday morning...I have had a much needed restful weekend...I think I am in a burn out phase of swa....I hope it passes soon...I like my job and it pays me very well..I think that always having to be "on" for hundreds of people a week is taxing..

A lot has happened in our family...ALL good things..we have 2 more babies...Avery has a little brother and Ashley has a little boy...I have said this before and I'll say it again...BEING A GRANDMA IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! Welcome Liam and Avery pointed out to me this last have 3 boys now and 4 girls....she hasn't grasped the idea that I am not everyones( my kids/their kids) mom...I'm okay with that!! lol...I am so blessed to have the best children who have filled my heart with so much love....who could have imagined?!!!

Tia has moved to California...she is doing so much better than I had imagined...I wasn't very fond of the idea but she is making it work...we are close again..she is communicating and smiling...she has her first job and now knows how much fun"being an adult" is....she has an interview at a local college thursday so lets cross our fingers that her momentum keeps building....she is doing this on her own...I am proud..

This is a very short post and I can't even begin to put all the good stuff in..Tyler is doing well..he is working as an ATC guy in Salt Lake..he is dating a cute girl and he does need to call his mom more!!

Britt and Nick are living in Park City...Avery and Liam are growing much too rapidly... they have a beautiful home and it is fun hanging out with them..

Ashley and Jon just moved to Bountiful in Jons parents is a lovely place and Oliver is loving his new space...he is growing like a weed!! Jon is at the UofU and doing well!!

As for me...well...I'm alive and kicking...trying my hand at a business and enjoying my family....I'll try to do better at this and post more often so that I don't have to update a few years in a few paragraphs...

Have a great day...


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